How to become an Agile Professional Scrum Master™ 
and help your environment move towards an agile mindset?

Thanks to the programme ProjectMaster Agile SCRUM


  • ProjectMaster Agile SCRUM trainig valid to take the Professional Scrum Master™ PSM1  certification
  • ​BONUS 1 : Personality profile and debriefing
  • ​BONUS 2 : online (webinar) coaching session
  • ​Price of the full pack (incl. bonuses): $ 997
  • ​Price of the platform only (without bonuses):
    $ 197


Obtain all the tools and techniques recognized worldwide and presented by an experienced project manager and validate your skills.


At your own pace.
Access to the platform for 6 months.


Price 1: Full Pack $ 997
Price 2: Platform only (without bonuses)  $ 197 
The full pack (price 1) includes a 6-month access to the plaform, your personality profile and debriefing, one online (webinar) coaching session.
Price 2 includes access to the platform only (no bonus).


Full Pack: Online, videos, webinars,
personality profile, 
Price 2:
Online, videos, documents.

Do you want to be recognized as a Scrum Master™ mastering the techniques and tools of agile project management, compliant with scrum.org approaches?

 You manage agile projects in your company or in a 
     private capacity but you lack tools and you would 
     like to fill this gap. 
 You arrive at a stage in your life where you want to
     be recognized as a confirmed Scrum Master™ to
     support teams of specialists and influence your
     environment with controlled arguments that will be
     heard and respected by your superiors. 
 You want to help your company move towards an
     agile mindset

I know exactly how you feel!

In fact, the job of Scrum Master™ is exciting when you know the agile approaches recognized worldwide. You can then make choices, favoring an agile development approach.

  • If your goal is to become a confirmed Scrum Master™, this course is for you.
  • If your goal is to gain recognition from your company by mastering the tools, techniques and behavioral skills essential to any Scrum Master, this course is for you.
ProjectMaster Agile Scrum, the program that allows you to specialize in Scrum and develop your Agile mindset 

Content of the ProjectMaster program


Concepts of Scrum and agile mindset

  • Personality profiles 
  • Agile Leadership
  • ​Change Management
  • Scrum animation and video
  • ​Test

The 3 pillars of the ProjectMaster Agile Scrum program - Full package

To develop your agile project management skills, apply them to your projects and achieve your goals, you need more than content. The ProjectMaster Agile Scrum program offers you:


Regardless of the quality of the program, you will have questions. You will therefore be accompanied throughout this program with an online coaching session.
Your personality profile will be debriefed in a second coaching session in small groups of 1 to 5 participants.

Complete Program

The formula of videos, documents, webinars and software allows you to acquire the tools and techniques recognized worldwide.

This program takes you to the next level in terms of agile project management and recognition of your skills.

Proven strategies

This program is compliant with the internationally recognized SCRUM standards, tools and techniques.
More than a thousand people have taken this online or in-class course and have been very satisfied. The average satisfaction rate of the course evaluations is 95%. 

At this point you may ask yourself...


... to deliver this training: ProjectMaster Agile Scrum program?

My name is Patricia Malanda.
I am the founder of the ProjectMaster Program and the co-founder of Calliopée Ltd., a Geneva-based company that works with entrepreneurs in our Business Center.

I am a lecturer at three vocational training institutes and universities in Switzerland and give lectures internationally in French and English.

I have created two companies during my 30 years of experience in air navigation, international foundations, events and business development and I act as a consultant in the fields of change and project management (banks, communication agencies), strategic (hospitals, building, civil engineering), project techniques (engineering, scientific fields, watch manufacturers, public and private services).
Holder of an MBA, a Bachelor's degree in Management Sciences and a DAS in Project Management, I am certified PMP (Professional Project Manager - pmi.org), ScrumMaster (scrum.org) and Success Insights (MDI Insights).

I have been able to support more than a thousand clients and course participants in the development of their professional and personal projects.

And you have, in addition to the video training platform,
FREE access to 3 BONUSES !


Personality profile that allow you to :

  • Better understand your personality traits and indentify your strengths and weaknesses
  • ​Receive a 45-page report that describes many aspects of the value you can bring to a company 
  • ​Identify new communications approaches in order to better support a team or position yourself when a more direct approach is requested


1 online webinar coaching session that allows you to:

  • Debrief the online test proposed in the training
  • Share your questions and difficulties and be supported 
  • Not to be alone


What exactly is the purpose of the ProjectMaster Agile Scrum strategy? Does it work for my project?
The approaches presented in the ProjectMaster Agil Scrum program are recognized worldwide and can be used to structure any type of agile project. 
Are my culture or country too different to use this method?
Agile Project management is based on international agile standards. These standards are the basis for the creation of this program. These tools and techniques will be useful and applicable if your environment is open to implement agile approaches. Otherwise, you will be trained to propose a change management strategy to start moving in an agile mindset.
How long do I have access to the training program?
Once your registration is validated, you will have 6 months access to the training program and its bonuses.
Do I need to have the necessary diplomas and qualifications to use this method?
There are no prerequisites required to take this training. However, it is important to understand a company's environment and to have a sufficient level to acquire many organizational concepts and tools. If you wish to obtain a certification afterwards, it is possible to register for Scrum Master™ PSM1.
Will the methodology I will learn in this program allow me to make a career change? 
Yes, agile project management techniques, tools and mindset are sought after in companies and the people who master them are important assets for the development of the company. The job of Scrum Master™ is recognized and this training will enable you to acquire the fundamental skills to apply for this position. Practice in the field will also be a determining factor in the selection process. It is up to you to combine theory and practice and this course program gives you all the keys to do so.
How long will it take me to complete this entire program?
This program can be followed at your own pace. If you wish to extend your access to the course platform, an additional package will be offered to you at the end of the 6 months.
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