How to create your pre-project, its strategy, its complete planning, its rigorous follow-up and control, in 36 days, in accordance with the PMI, IPMA and SCRUM approaches?

Thanks to the programme ProjectMaster


  • 6-week ProjectMaster training
  • ProjectMaster document templates
  • ​BONUS  : Tests and level controls to access the preparation course for PMP® or SCRUM™ certification
  • ​Price of the pack: $ 997
  • ​Option: individualized weekly webinar coaching sessions 
    $ 720


Obtain all the tools and techniques recognized worldwide and presented by an experienced project manager and validate your skills.


6 weeks
Access to the platform 


Basic price $ 997 / pers.
Supplement  $ 720 / pers.
for 6 individualized coaching sessions of 20 minutes each per person in a group of 1 to 5 participants. A total of 10 hours of coaching for a group of 5 participants over 6 weeks. 


Online, videos, webinars, documents.

Do you want to be recognized as a project manager mastering the techniques and tools of predictive and agile project management, compliant with PMI, IPMA and SCRUM approaches?

  • You manage projects in your company or in a private capacity but you lack tools and you would like to fill this gap.
  • You arrive at a stage in your life where you want to be recognized as a confirmed project manager, to be able to influence decisions with controlled arguments that will be heard and respected by your superiors.
  • You are tired of wasting time and money in managing your company's projects and want to implement world-class approaches. 

If this is your case, you should know that many of the project managers are in the same situation as you.

Project manager is a real profession and yet it is often a role learned on the job, without any real training. This is why, after several projects managed without a specific methodology, project managers become discouraged and lose self-confidence, simply because they don't have the right tools and methodology.

I know exactly how you feel!

In fact, the job of project manager is exciting when you know all the tools and techniques recognized worldwide. You can then make choices, favoring a predictive or agile development approach, depending on the situation.

The project begins well before it is implemented. There is an important chain of processes and steps between the idea and the deployment of the project.
The exploration of the idea, its design, the market and stakeholder analysis, the Business Model and Business Case, the Project Charter and its scope, then the detailed planning, the rigorous follow-up, are all complex steps that require quality teaching to finally close the project and deploy it.
  • If your goal is to become a confirmed Project Manager, this course is for you.
  • If your goal is to gain recognition for your company by mastering the tools, techniques and behavioral skills essential to any Project Manager, this course is for you.
ProjectMaster, the complete program that allows you to specialize in project management
What is ProjectMaster ?
ProjectMaster is a 6-week online course. Individualized coaching in a group of 1 to 5 people can be integrated as an extra. This course gives you all the tools and techniques most sought-after on the market to manage your professional and personal projects.
Who is it for?
ProjectMaster is aimed at anyone wishing to acquire the tools and techniques recognized on the market in the field of project management: Project Managers, Project Assistants, Members of Management, Heads of Departments, Technical Business Specialists, HR or Marketing Specialists, or any other function wishing to develop strong organizational skills.
What level do I need to have?
You do not need to have a particular level to take this training.
It is a course that brings together all the fundamentals of predictive and agile approaches to project management.
Subsequently, a preparation course for PMI, IPMA or SCRUM certifications is possible and the prerequisites are indicated in the descriptions of the courses concerned.
How does it work?
1) You are viewing the program videos,
2) You work on your projects using the tools and bonuses at your disposal in order to obtain results in the following days.
3) If you opt for the additional option of individualized coaching in teams of 1 to 5 participants, you present the progress of your project every week and receive personalized feedback.
When does it start?
The ProjectMaster program is an online course, so it starts when you want to get started. You can follow the program at your own pace. You have six months' access to the platform and the project management software, with the possibility of extending the duration for an additional fee.
If you choose the individualized coaching option in teams of 1 to 5 participants, you will begin your sessions in a group within 10 days of your registration.
Why does it exist?
I created ProjectMaster to allow anyone wishing to develop their project management skills to do so flexibly, at their own pace, wherever they want. 

I wanted ProjectMaster to be more than just an online course, but to allow weekly interaction with participants to accompany and support them during their learning and beyond.

Content of the ProjectMaster program


Parts 0 and 1 - Defining the Project Management Lifecycle and Developing My Project Strategy

  • Day 1 : Part 0 - Defining the Project Management Lifecycle
  • Day 2 : Part 1 - Defining my Project Strategy
  • Day 3 : Applying to my professional or personal project
  • Day 4 : Applying to my professional or personal project
  • ​Day 5 : Writing elements for presentation, or planning on the easyPROJECT software
  • Day 6 : Validating my project strategy


Part 2 - Analyze the environment, market and stakeholders

  • Day 1 : Understanding the analysis of external and internal environments - PESTEL and SWOT, as well as the dynamic action plan
  • Day 2 : Understanding the identification and analysis of stakeholders and processes or workflows
  • Day 3 : Applying PESTEL and SWOT on my professional or personal project
  • Day 4 : Applying identification, stakeholder analysis and processes or workflow to my professional or personal project
  • ​Day 5 : Writing elements for presentation or planning on the easyPROJECT software
  • Day 6 : Validating my analysis


Part 3 - Finance - Business Model & Business Case

  • Day 1 : Understanding the Business Model and Value Proposition
  • Day 2 : Understanding the Business Case: Costs and Revenues, ROI, Break-even Point, Future Value (FV), Present Value (PV), Net Present Value (NPV)
  • Day 3 : Applying the Business Model and Value Proposition to my professional or personal project
  • Day 4 : Applying the Business Case (ROI, Break-even point) on my professional or personal project (optional:  FV, VA and NPV)
  • ​Day 5 : Writing elements for presentation or planning on the easyPROJECT software
  • Day 6 : Validating my Business Model & my Business Case


Part 3 : Risk Identification and Analysis 
Part 4 : Mandate, Project Charter, Project Management Plan, PMI Process (Project Management Institute)

  • Day 1 : Understanding the processes of Risk Identification and Analysis
  • Day 2 : Understanding the notions of Mandate, Project Charter, Project Management Plan and Discovering the PMI processes.
  • Day 3 : Applying Risk Identification and Analysis to my professional or personal project
  • Day 4 : Applying the Project Charter and develop a draft Project Plan on my professional or personal project
  • ​Day 5 : Writing elements for presentation or planning on the easyPROJECT software
  • Day 6 : Validating my Risk Analysis, Charter and Draft Project Plan


Part 5 - Planning : Scope, WBS, PERT, Gantt, Budget
Part 6 : Planning : Developing and Managing Resources
Parts 7, 8 & 9: Communication, Quality, Procurement

  • Day 1 : Understanding detailed planning: Scope, WBS, PERT, Gantt, Budget
  • Day 2 : Understanding Planning, Developing and Managing Resources
  • Day 3 : Understanding Planning and Managing Communications, Quality and Procurement
  • Day 4 : Applying Planning to my professional or personal project
  • ​Day 5 : Writing elements for presentation or planning on the easyPROJECT software
  • Day 6 : Validating my detailed planning


Part 10 : Project Monitoring & Controlling - Earned Value Management
Part 11 : SCRUM

  • Day 1 : Understanding Earned Value Management 
  • Day 2 : Understanding SCRUM : Roles, Events and Artifacts
  • Day 3 : Applying Earned Value Management on my professional or personal project
  • Day 4 : Applying SCRUM on my professional or personal project
  • ​Day 5 : Writing elements for presentation or planning on the easyPROJECT software
  • Day 6 : Validating the follow-up of my project and its development approach

The 3 pillars of the ProjectMaster program

To develop your project management skills, apply them to your projects and achieve your goals, you need more than content. The ProjectMaster program offers you:


Regardless of the quality of the program, you will have questions at regular intervals. You will therefore be accompanied throughout this program with 6 individualized coaching sessions (or groups of 5 persons) if you choose this option.

Complete Program

The formula of videos, documents, webinars and application on your professional or personal project allows you to acquire all the tools and techniques recognized worldwide in a complete and profound way.

This program takes you to the next level in terms of project management and recognition of your skills.

Proven strategies

This program is compliant with the internationally recognized PM® and SCRUM™ standards, tools and techniques.
More than a thousand people have taken this online or in-class course and have been very satisfied. The average satisfaction rate of the course evaluations is 95%. 

At this point you may ask yourself...


... to deliver this training: Project Management - Predictive and Agile Approaches in compliance with PMI, IPMA and SCRUM?

My name is Patricia Malanda.
I am the founder of the ProjectMaster Program and the co-founder of Calliopée Ltd., a Geneva-based company that works with entrepreneurs in our Business Center.

I am a lecturer at three vocational training institutes and universities in Switzerland and give lectures internationally in French and English.

I have created two companies during my 30 years of experience in air navigation, international foundations, events and business development and I act as a consultant in the fields of change and project management (banks, communication agencies), strategic (hospitals, building, civil engineering), project techniques (engineering, scientific fields, watch manufacturers, public and private services).
Holder of an MBA, a Bachelor's degree in Management Sciences and a DAS in Project Management, I am certified PMP (Professional Project Manager - pmi.org), ScrumMaster (scrum.org) and Success Insights (MDI Insights).

I have been able to support more than a thousand clients and course participants in the development of their professional and personal projects.

Comments from those who have tested my approach...

And you have, in addition to the video training platform,
FREE access to 1 BONUS !


ProjectMaster documents for each topic covered and evaluation tests that allow you to :

  • Immediately put into practice the theoretical aspects on your professional or personal project
  • ​Create your document database that you can bring to your company
  • ​Modify and adapt the proposed templates according to your needs and save a lot of time!
  • ​​Validate your knowledge and check if you are ready to embark on a preparation for PMP, CAPM, IPMA D/C or SCRUM certification.

Coaching - Webinar

If you choose this option: 
1 weekly webinar (group coaching) during 6 weeks (strategy, analysis & planning) that allows : 

  • Develop your ability to analyze the environment of your projects and be guided in the implementation of your strategy and its planning.
  • Share your questions and difficulties with a community of participants.
  • Not to be alone
  • Go further with the energy and support provided during small group sessions if you choose the 6 individualized coaching option (groups of 1 to 5 participants)


What exactly is the purpose of the ProjectMaster strategy? Does it work for my project?
The approaches presented in the ProjectMaster program are recognized worldwide and can be used to structure any type of project. In some cases, you may decide to make greater use of certain parts, while for other projects you will need all the tools. Once you have acquired the fundamentals through this course, you will be able to assess what is relevant to your project. 
Are my culture or country too different to use this method?
Project management is based on international standards. These standards were the basis for the creation of this program. These tools and techniques will be useful and applicable whatever your environment.
How long do I have access to the training program?
Once your registration is validated, you will have 6 months access to the training program and its bonus (platform, documents).
You have access for 6 weeks to the small group webinars of 1 to 5 people if you have chosen this additional option.
Do I need to have the necessary diplomas and qualifications to use this method?
There are no prerequisites required to take this training. However, it is important to understand a company's environment and to have a sufficient level to acquire many organizational concepts and tools. If you wish to obtain a certification afterwards, the prerequisites will be more important and explained in the related course.
Will the methodology I will learn in this program allow me to make a career change? 
Yes, project management techniques and tools are sought after in companies and the people who master them are important assets for the development of the company. The job of project manager is recognized and this training will enable you to acquire the fundamental skills to apply for this position. Practice in the field will also be a determining factor in the selection process. It is up to you to combine theory and practice and this course program gives you all the keys to do so.
How long will it take me to complete this entire program?
This program will not necessarily take you 6 weeks. It's up to you! You can take the entire program in plus or minus 10 days or if you want to take more time, you can take up to six months and do it at your own pace. If you wish to extend your access to the course platform, an additional package will be offered to you at the end of the 6 months.
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